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Agility Classes

We run a for fun agility club from our venue at Greenway's Stables in Lower Eashing near Godalming. There is parking on site and the venue is outdoors but floodlit so we train all year round! We keep class sizes small at up to 7 in each group, often 5 or 6 so each attendee gets enough 1 on 1 time during the class. We run 2 fun competitions for our clients throughout the year and we pride ourselves on the classes not only being fun for the dogs, but for the owners too!

If you have done some agility previously you will be okay to join the waiting list for a class time, if you haven't we recommend starting with our beginners agility course which will cover the basics, including an introduction to the equipment, basic handling and basic training. See the services page for more details and to book (please note there is an age limit and prior basic training such as sit, recall etc is recommended prior to booking).

We currently offer beginners on a Monday evening, and regular classes in 10 week blocks on Mon and Wed evenings.

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